Tuesday, November 16, 2010

why students fail mathematics?

At last some..free time to write..My apology for not being able to write sooner....
Finally i manage to finish marking the exam papers.. marks are all settled and done. With that out of the way now i suddenly feel the urge to share my thoughts about this particular topic.

I am going to discuss why students fail mathematics.. however mathematics failure and  'general failure' is interlinked and seperating the two may not be a good idea.. that is another broad topic  which i shall avoid!

People DONT LIKE TO TALK ABOUT FAILURE.. .wipe it under the carpet or  ignore it..or worst pretend that it does not happens! Human nature do not like to hear negative things about themselves. Hwever no matter how hard it is to face the truth..we ought not to ignore it.Learn to face failure head on ..beleive me that is the only this way can we save more failures in the future..

SO why fail?? 
Generally ATTITUDE is the no 1  reason - there are many type of students  that i have met ??

a. the lazy students-not much can be said about this type other than they ought to set their mind what exactly is they seek in their life..
b. the hardworking students- hey hardworking students fail too?? not fair isnt it? these students usually try to memorize everything...their mind is focusing on a frame of thinking that can become so rigid..the fixation problem actually slowly robbing the mind of the actual thinking or creative processes associated with learning....
c. the worrier type of student- this students worry and have a low confidence in their ability..hence they focus on the wrong thing..unable to stay focus on major ideas. .,their ideas are scattered and remains on the surface..

d. the smart and comfortable student- this type of students are not necessarily the brightest in the class. Neither are they the cleverest..the most improtant attribute is being comfortble with themselves and always asking questions when occassion arises. They study smart,ask the questions most of the tim no matter how silly they look sometimes. Success comes easily to this group of students.

So where are you??
Let me share some of the important rules in successful learning of mathematics.

RULE 1: Know yourselves..work on your weakness and decide what you want. Steer your life towards that. Do not allow your attitude wreck your life..work on that ..say NO to negative habits and create new ones..

RULE 2: Learning from failure - Einstein fail his math class !!so whats the big deal? let failure become the teacher to you. Question yourself why you have failed. find reasons..use that as a means towards learning better skills to overcome failure the next time..treat failure as valuable learning experiences

RULE 3: Learn not to be sensitive to critism. Developed 'thick skin' when it comes to learning. Ask and think hard..ask again ..keep on trying till you get it right!! then do the exercises yourself. when you got stuck ..always ask the right person.


Dr UnCLe J said...
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Dr UnCLe J said...

To be a great Mathematician or maybe in related field, a vast of analytic thinking is a must (for my perspective)and it is not so easy to obtain yet to develop such characteristic. Others perceiving people that usually show laziness or truly lazy,will not yielding such intelligence compare to some diligent people and they may not perform well in academic, but most of cases; this conditions do not apply, sometimes its quite opposite, depends on how one's dedication to develop analytical thinking on their own. People are complex, some are "catching" fast, others quite slow regarding towards collecting information, n may related more to our own interest, in this case whether we like or not to "become one" with Mathematics. Time is also an essence. Some prefer slow "digest", others capable to just "absorb" everything that they seen and learn. Also, student's motive is also important, because it is their first pace to achieving something.

Speaking on motives,sadly in the past experience, I surrounded with people that mostly chasing good greds. solely studying for exams that happen right now mostly everywhere ,and not focused more on exploring more knowledge and gaining more benefit experience; also on the plagiarism issue, for me, there is not much "fun" in learning because of the environment itself is not so truly academic, I dont blame this for people that really "less capable" in pursuing and continue struggling on their studies, but those people that capable do not do that and some of them re quite stingy in sharing their knowledge. For my opinion, if this culture still ongoing, they may waste of effort to indulge what that they ve learn. For me, 4.00 flat is not good enough to be proud of..... it is not a true indicator of success. Time is very short but I think we can achieve "Full academic culture" if students aware about the situations that I've mention.



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